The Athachi Group

The Athachi Group

When a company dedicates itself to work in harmony with nature’s own rhythm, a green dream becomes a reality. Today, the Athachi Group is all set to share the outpouring of natural abundance arising from this dream, with the world.

 Based in India and UAE, Athachi has evolved as businesses in natural progression. From Finance, Consulting and Trading to products for Wellness and Ayurveda.

The Group which has been successfully creating authentic ayurvedic solutions for over 3 decades, established the Athachi Biodiversity Farm. What was once an open land, is now a maturing biodiverse ecosystem with more than 2000 species of various trees and plants, at a cost of crores of Rupees.

This Athachi initiative to develop a Biodiversity Farm, is spearheaded by Mr. Raju Subramanian, an entrepreneur, residing in the Middle east, and a native of Noorani, Palakkad.

He and his expert team have worked with the latest innovations in natural farming and are developing products that are purely nature based.

The Group is in the process of crafting products that are exciting outcomes of the biodynamic and biodiverse methodology that we follow in our farm. These wholly natural products comprise beauty and wellness enhancers, from skin and hair to the body, mind and soul.

The synergy between nature’s generosity and Athachi’s dedicated research has created an inclusive space filled with opportunities to enrich farmers, consumers, and the society.¬† Our mission is to build communities that are sustainable and long-lasting. Helping in cutting down on our carbon footprint and paying homage to Mother Nature.